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import logging
from connection import ServerConnection
from connection import ClientConnection
class Server:
"""The parent class of network servers. Subclass this class to
implement servers of different kinds. You will probably only need
to override the implementation of connected()."""
def __init__(self, name):
self.name = name
def __str__(self):
return self.name.__str__()
def bind(self, netaddr, closer):
"""Callback invoked when the server is successfully bound to a
NetAddr. The parameters are the netaddr to which the server is
bound and closer (as in a thing that causes something to close)
is a callback function that should be used when the server
wishes to stop listening for new connections."""
self.closer = closer
def close(self):
"""Stop listening for new connections."""
def connected(self, client):
"""Callback invoked when a client connects to this server.
This callback must create the Connection object that will be
returned to the client."""
logging.debug("server %s connected to client %s", self, client)
serverconnection = ServerConnection()
clientconnection = ClientConnection(serverconnection)
serverconnection.peer = clientconnection
return clientconnection